Our Process

Making sure your project stays on course from start to finish.

01 Explore


Understand you, your brand and your business in detail. This often includes an initial in-person/Zoom meeting to better understand your ideas, requirements and expectations to get your project off the ground.

02 Design & Prototype


Create design guidelines that will act as the source of truth for your project. Our prototype includes a hyper-realistic version of what your project is to become. This prototype is less resource intensive than a full-build which allows you, the client, to better understand & visualize what your project is going to become while providing room for changes where necessary without moving mountains.

03 Build


Once the prototype is approved, we are able to turn it into code. Once in the build phase, all major design decisions have been made so we have a very clear path to the finish line.

04 Launch


Once development is complete, we deliver all work and documentation to you in a final site walkthrough meeting. Once this handoff occurs, your project will be ready to launch.

05 Upgrade


It’s unlikely that your first product will be your last. When you’re ready, we will be here to make adjustments, tweak design and add in any new functionality that may be required. We are interested in long-term partnerships, not short-term ones.

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