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Interior Fabrics Inc.

A large-scale B2B e-commerce website with over 2,200 textile products.

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Interior Fabrics Inc. is a textile company based out of Miami, Florida. They have been servicing interior designers & showrooms across the United States for over 20 years in partnership with their European division based out of Greece. When IFI contacted us to build a new e-commerce website, there was little content or brand to work with. In order to create a great digital product, we were going to have to start from the ground up.

There were quite a few problems with IFI’s previous website, to say the least. During our initial calls with their staff, they had mentioned how it was near impossible to manage their website. It was not only confusing to operate, but the confusion led to many mishaps on the front-end that led to confusion among visitors. SImilarly, their website looked ugly — they had admitted it themselves. As a brand targeting interior DESIGNERS, we understood the importance of speaking their language — beauty, elegance & simplicity, all coming together.

Upon delivering their new website, it was like night & day. Website traffic began to drastically increase as well as the ease of purchasing their fabrics online. Prior, the process was so complicated that most customers had to call in to place their order which led to unnecessary levels of manual work which is also prone to error. Now, customers can easily request samples, checkout & have their order fulfilled in a streamlined manner.

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