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International Consulting Group

A professional yet fun corporate website for a multi-national IT company.

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ICG is an internet technology company based in Miami, Florida. Their company is responsible for servicing & managing cloud-based data for over 100 companies across the United States. ICG came to us to re-design & re-build their website that was being hosted on Wordpress while getting little to no traffic. Our immediate solution was simple — migrate their website to Webflow while making it visually modern to best represent the technology sector & to stand out among leading competitors.

While breaking down their Wordpress-hosted site, we noticed a few problematic things. For one, it was slow. Their heavy use of poorly-executed plugins led to a slower load times which can detract from the users’ experience.The website was also very…bland. There was nothing unique about & nothing that truly represented their brand. What exactly does their brand stand for? While uncovering these issues, ICG’s president Ed Gross was able to spend time reflecting on the true values of his company. That reflection led to concrete foundations for the basis of their new website.

After the completion of ICG’s new website, there were plenty of noticeable differences in not only the design, but the performance as well. While re-building their website, we baked in SEO best-practices to increase their visibility through search engines which is crucial for any business looking to take their online presence seriously.

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