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Javascript for Webflow App

A robust, member-only education app rich with videos, quizzes & user-friendly functionality.

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JS for WF is a project created by eklipse Development that is aimed at teaching web designers (specifically those who use Webflow) how to code. This course is unique in many aspects as opposed to a more traditional way of learning how to code, such as using Webflow’s pre-built components to better understand how elements on a page relate to one another & create interactivity.

If you’ve ever tried, learning how to code can be difficult — no surprise there. Much of the time, it’s hard because it lacks context. From personal experience building a useless project doesn’t make me any more interested in learning how to code. However, we aim to change that with this course. In Javascript for Webflow, we not only teach web designers how to code, but we also teach them exactly how we built the very course they are using. Being that the course is made in Webflow, they can fully visualize & understand how components & layouts are working together as well as the special type of interactivity needed to make the magic happen.

When it’s all said and done, there are a lot of custom elements inside of the course that we are more than happy to open-source — we firmly believe that useful & practical applications are the best way to learn & actually become interested. From retrieving data from the database to custom navigation to updating the course progress when a user completed a quiz, we cover it all.

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