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OnBord App

A progressive web app designed to help Financial Advisors onboard clients in a more efficient & modern way.

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OnBord is a start-up FinTech company based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their business model is centered around simplifying the way Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's) bring on new clients. In a technologically backwards industry, advisors still onboard clients via back-and-forth phone calls and emails in what seems like a never ending cycle.

OnBord is out to change that by taking this process digital, not only to save themselves time & money, but create a more simple, efficient process for the client.

As a start-up, there are always risks. In this particular situation, there had been no other competitors to base the product off of. When the process began, we had a few things that had to be taken care of:

  • Understand the current onboarding process RIA's need to go through
  • Take that process digital by any means necessary with the expectation to run into caviats along the way
  • Make it functional yet eligant. The product itself targets advisors, but the advisors prospective clients are the end recipient of the onboarding process

We were proud of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) produced. Despite running into a few stumbing blocks along the way, we we're successfully able to:

  • Create a design system that worked for both advisors & clients
  • Represented the brand in the best possible way
  • Make the process seamless on both desktop & mobile devices

We look forward to working with OnBord into the future.

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