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Performance Food Centers

A B2B lead-gen website designed to be fresh — just like their shakes!

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Simple Again, the parent company of Performance Food Centers, had been in business for over 20 years designing, building & supplying shake & smoothie bars across North America. Their business model was clear, however their website wasn't a reflection of it. It was massive, lunky, hard to navigate and didn't represent the brand in the best possible way.

PFC came to us with a clear vision in mind — make a new website that is easy to use, represents the brand and most importantly, make the message CLEAR. Some things that had to be done included:

  • Migrating their PFC content off of their parent company's website into a new one
  • Re-designing & re-branding their website to best reflect the vision of simple, whole foods in a colorful, creative way
  • Ensuring that the new website was a direct reflection of their business model

Their new website had met the mark. Not only did the website now fit their brand and feel like PFC, but it also reflected their message and make it clear what exactly they do (which is a lot, making it a challenge in itself). Once completed, we had:

  • Migrated their website from ExpressionEngine & Wordpress to Webflow
  • Designed their website to represent their core services, including menu & packaging, design & construction, marketing & education, etc.
  • DOUBLED their new leads

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