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An animated website for a mobile banking app aimed at making saving money easier.

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WellFull is a soon-to-be mobile banking app with the goal of making it easier to allocate your earned money and save properly without fear of overspending. When the creators of WellFull approached us to design their app, we knew we were up for a challenge and gladly accepted.

One of the more under appreciated aspects of building an app is architecture. We are not referring to a building, but rather how the app is designed & laid out at its more rudimentary level. Apps can become very complex very quickly, making it especially important to understand how all screens, features & components relate to one another.

By the time the app had been fully designed, we believe we had created a well constructed, thoughtfully laid out design system that was not only going to appeal to users visually, but also make it easy for them to use being that it’s likely to be an app they use quite frequently. We look forward to the release of WellFull in the Apple’s app store in the coming months.

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